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If finally what stands between you and success is just One Book, will you read it to the end?

New Age Book Cracks Open The Success Secrets Codes Hidden In The Vault Of A Caring Universe, You Can Use To Attract And Increase Success And Abundance Even If You Have Never Succeeded Before In Anything.

About The Author

Dear friend,

My name is Etin-osa S. Omuemu, the author of You Can Escape The Matrix and the pioneer of Practical Parallax Effect (PPE) technique of mind empowerment.

l am not a guru.

l am just a regular guy like you.

I want to show you a formula that will help you become successful in whatever you chose to do.

This book is Aladdin’s Magic Lamp that you can use to summon your wish-granting genie for success.

"I grew up in a very humble background where even what was considered basic necessities were a luxury to us."

“I wondered how life would be if that kind of lamp would be available to all to put an end to human miseries and sufferings.

Seeing lots of HUMAN SUFFERINGS around me. l wished there could be a magic lamp for all to wish to reality all their hearts’ desires.

If God says man is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” I guessed that just as some civilisations had been lost,

man may have lost some vital knowledge of how to activate the power within him to achieve great things like the one genie in the magic lamp can do.!

I believed that human civilisations and nature will provide clues as to these secret blueprint that made it possible in the past for humans to build the pyramids.

While still in secondary school, l embarked on reading all the elementary books on astronomy, and different subjects in the school library until there was not any one left for me to read.

I was also interested in probing into the mystery of the universe and the different civilisations of the human race.

“When l read about Egyptian Civilisation and got to know that with all our advancement in science and technology, man cannot rebuild the magnificent pyramids of the past, it struck me that the tales about the magic lamp may have been an allegory of knowledge the ancients failed to pass down to succeeding generation; power of how they could activate some powers with which they achieved the GREAT FEAT.”

I was more determined to begin to seek how l could unveil these secret blueprint for the benefits of mankind.

After leaving Baptist Secondary School in Benin City, l got a job as a library attendant at the University of Benin.

That was the first time in my life l would see a university library.

Books! books! and books!!!

They were every were in long and sprawling bookshelves.
I usually spend my break time devouring books on different subjects.
Even during my leave period l would come to the library to read books.
The subjects range from anthropology sociology, psychology, myths etc.
Before l gained admission to read English in the same university, l had read almost all the books written by Wole Soyinka and Chinua Achebe.
At some point my understanding of the studies in humanity was no longer considered as average by my peers.
This came to fore when Wole Soyinka, the Nigerian poet, novelist and playwright, won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1986 and the controversial scholar and critic, Chinweizu criticized him as underserving of the award in his column in Vanguard Newspaper called, The Observatory for what he claimed was on the basis of being Eurocentric. Yours sincerely countered with a three- part rejoinder titled What The Observatory Is Not.
(Professor Wole Soyinka receiving the Nobel Price for literature in 1986 when i was in my first year in the university)
It earned the applause of the Intellectual community in Nigeria.
I was just in the first year in the English Department of University of Benin.
What helped me to gain profound insight into the world view of the author was years of previous research and studies of mythology and Archetypes while in search of the secret blueprint hidden in the vault of human civilizations and the universe.
Why am l saying all these? 

It is to give a background to the fact that my study of started over 30 years ago in my quest to fathom the secrets of the universe and human civilizations.

My quest to find answers also made me to turn my attention to motivational books.

I consumed books by Robert Schuller, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Myles Munroe, Zig Zigler and numerous others.

Sometimes, l sat alone watching the stars at night and praying to be let into the secrets concealed by the universe and human civilisations.

My mind continued to ponder on many questions.

Beyond what different religions preach, and what astronauts and anthropologists have discovered about the universe and mankind, what is more to show that man is not just thrown into a cold and unsympathetic world to be born to live and die to satisfy the rhythm and balance of a souless Universe?

Why do vast majority of the earth’s inhabitants wallow in ABJECT POVERTY while less than 20 percent continue to control 80 percent of the wealth in the world?

My probing did not yield answers.

All my researches so far failed to provide me with clues…

After graduation, l had to look for a job to keep body and soul together…

Reality check had set in.

After working free for Sunray Newspapers for one year in Port Harcourt l was offered a job.

Even though l was pained that l was almost giving up hope of finding answers to the mystery of the universe and human existence, my new job gave me joy and some sense of fulfillment to put my writing skill to use.

My inquisitive mind helped me to go for unusual and mysterious cover stories for The Sunray Weekend Special.

I was never interested in the usual run-of-the-mill stories.

If other newspapers carried stories about the origin of Easter, yours sincerely would travel to Anambra State to do a cover on the Catholic woman, Pauline Okeke, The Woman Christ who bleeds on Easter.

I remember doing a cover titled God’s Handwriting. It was based on my research on another curious explorer of nature who was able to assemble a collection of butterflies that had letters of the alphabet, A to Z printed on their wings.

With the preoccupation with journalism as a tool to probe the MYSTERY OF HUMAN EXISTENCE, the frustration of not finding answers to my quest for keys to understanding the mysteries of the universe was gradually fading away.

Week after week, my cover stories were gaining attention of the public.

This kept me excited and happy.

I was gradually letting go of my pains from the frustrations of not finding answers to my research about the universe and human existence.

My excitement did not last.
Sunray Newspapers, the first colour and biggest newspaper in Nigeria was shut down.

It was out of business.

For reasons l can’t go into here, l was out of job for a over a whole year.

I was plunged into the most EXCRUCIATING PAIN in my entire life. I could hardly feed myself.

There were days l lived only on water to survive. After l had finished selling my dispensable personal items to keep alive, the future had never been so bleak.

My mind went back to my earlier quest. This time it was with anger and more heightened sense of frustration.

Is there truly no purpose and meaning in human existence?

My ability to read and write could no longer earn me wages. With all my education l was not useful to myself any more.

l became a philosopher king due to hunger.
Beyond the Biblical account of creation and how life came to be, l wanted some answers that would satisfy my existentialist quest for a pattern to make a meaning out of the apparent chaos of living on planet Earth.

Beyond the circle of being born and dying to go to heaven or hell, as they often preach, is there no more to life?

What was thought to be a temporary layoff turned out to be a permanent nightmare.
The job was not coming back.

It was like l fell into a deep abyss. Life was tough.

Some ideas in the motivational books l had read began to flash before my eyes.

It was then l resolved not to waste my pain.

I was determined to extract every measure of compensation from my adversity.

I was down at the lowest bottom of the valley.

I told myself l must not remain there.

I was determined to get to the top of the mountain with my faith.

In that darkness l was plunged, l was down but my mind was wandering far and wide…..

I began to muse again on the universe and the entire human civilizations.

In the depth of the loneliness of my soul and spirit, questions kept coming back to me over and over again: is the universe and human existence indifferent to human pains and affliction?

With a combination of anger, frustration and pain l was determined to create a meaning out of the meaningless universe and the course of human history and civilizations.

In my mind’s eye l began to stretch out, in one long strip, the the entire journey of human civilization; from the prehistoric age to the present.

My mind began to ascend.

Like an epiphany, the truth hit me.

That was how l stumbled on Practical Parallax Effect Technique.

If you want to see an entire village you need to climb a hill.
To see the entire city you need to go to the top of the mountain.

…I can’t explain in plain words the magic that took place. something inside me had soared very high.

I finally l began to find meaning and order within the chaos of human existence

I can’t explain in plain words the magic that took place.

The very moment l decided to write a motivational book to help others cope with adversity and painful experience, l didn’t know l had switched on an inner light of illumination within me.

The principle of the universe is built on first giving to set in motion the law of receiving.

Come to look at it, it seems now obvious with the benefit of hindsight.

The clouds send rains down to the earth in more in areas close to the body of water because it first gave water to the sky…

For the farmer to reap he must first sow.

The moment I committed myself to the project of writing a book that will help others cope with adversity, I had tapped into some latent force in the universe.

Finally, all l had been looking for began to appear.

I may be down, but something inside me had SOARED VERY HIGH

I was on Planet Mars, surveying the entire map of the universe and the entire ages of human civilisations.

All the books l had read from my childhood to that point began to pass through my mind like the rolling tape of a cine camera.

From the cave of the prehistoric man in the stone age, down to Egyptian Civilisations….

Down to the present technology-driven new age.

Finally, all l had been looking for began to appear.

In the past my eyes had drifted past them in the books l had read without noticing them…..

There are beginning to make meaning now.

Personal suffering and adversity is like an alchemy that work on human perception.
This is how the theme of Parallax Effect began to unfold in my inquisitive mind.

In my darkest and most vulnerable moment l had developed an inner illumination to see very clearly in the dark.

That was how l began to string together the images that formed the reference points for the ideas in this book.

Each image constituted a psychological tool for reprogramming as well as the basis on which each chapter of the book many now call The Book Of The New Age was structured.

The universe let me into her secrets.It opened her secret vault.

I saw the master blueprint concealed in the womb of time and the eternal silence of the universe.

My discovery is what gave birth to the journey of over twenty years to document my findings in this book

From the moment l unveiled the pattern, l
discover l could get any thing l wanted as far as accessing any material or resources to put the book together was concerned.

Everything l wanted materialized within hours or few days.

l wanted information on Henry Ford. All l did was to speak to my subconscious and forgot all about it.

The next day l decided to visit a friend to take a break from writing.
The first thing l saw on his table was a Time Magazine with a full story on Henry Ford and how he brought down the price of cars so his staff could afford it.

I wanted a more scientific basis to flesh the principles l was writing about in my book.

Again, l spoke to my subconscious

Three days later, a former colleague of mine who worked in the defunct Sunray ran into me. His name is Walter Nwokocha.

He said:
“Mr. Omuemu l know you like reading good books.
I have one interesting book you will love to read.”

“What is the title,” l asked.

“The Science of Human Relationship,” by Russel

I was shocked.
I can go on and on.
I could not afford to buy any book then. But with the power of my subconscious I was able to attract over hundred books in the course of writing this book.

I began to notice that whatever l could think of that l desired to write the book to gain more knowledge had a way of getting to me.

It was like l had become another Aladdin with a magic lamp 

If you have read the story, you will understand the relevance here.

In the story, if Aladdin wanted anything all he does was to scratch the lamp and a wish-granting genie would appear and grant that wish. It was like l had created an invisible one residing within me. The experience was magical to me.

Encouraged by the way l was able to will my desires to reality, while l was still in that state of spiritual alignment with the potent force l had never encountered before, l decided to make the biggest demand before the power fades away. (I was later to learn that it doesn’t go away once you have the principles of activating the force).

I said to my subconscious that l wanted to write one of the most powerful motivational book in the world… so powerful that anybody who read it and follow the steps and principles described will have the power to change his or her life for good.

That was what put me in big trouble. I don’t want to say l bit more than what l could chew.

Let’s say l bit what would take me over two decades to chew.

Even though l rushed to publish the book as The Millenniun Train partly because l wanted the book to be out on the first year of the new millennium because of the title, my subconscious mind was already on autopilot mode.

It refused to be satisfied with the book. l continued with revisions and updates.

Every five years, as the new milleniun began to unfold with the changes that l had predicted, l began to expand the scope and contents of the book.

The Universe was still opening me up to ideas and experience l needed to document to achieve the task and challenge of writing a book that any one could read to experience a paradigm shift for success in all areas of life.
The subtitle of the book is Read And Grow Rich.
I didn’t want that to be just a mere literary expression.

I meant earning real cash and scaling it!

I wanted to write a book readers read and are able to attract real money within 30 to 90 days. You will agree with me that was an ambitious project.

While writing updating the book every 5 years l was also, in line with the Secret blueprint in the book, researching on the digital economy. I spent enormous resources testing out various models and niches ranging from affiliate marketing, dropshipping, e-commerce etc.

I fell for scams too. l lost money. But failures are components of Success.
Eventually, l came to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Do you desire to create additional income streams from the comfort of your home?

What can an additional income stream do for you in this desperate times?

In the last five years l have invested close to 3 million naira in buying courses and testing out the income generating income opportunities for those who desire success in the area of attracting abundance.
These are in the Kings & Queens Academy, the practical training session.

You are reading this because everything l discovered worked for me and l achieved my dreams to write this book to help others know how to master the new age.

Believe this…

The universe in relation to human existence is not just an uncaring entity

It does care for those who know how to harness her powers.

Most importantly, there is a laid out empowering architectural blueprint to activate the energy within to create value that you can use to exchange for money as away of creating additional income stream that you can scale up.

Have You Watched Prison Break and The Matrix?

First, let’s talk about The Matrix

I was blown out of my mind when I heard a brilliant analysis that the movie, matrix which features Kanu Reaves as lead actor was not a science fiction, but a documentary of how the images downloaded into our memory from childhood play out in whether we fail or succeed in life.

This insight was an interesting paradigm shift.

I came to the understanding that the images we downloaded in our mind as we were growing up play very important role in what WE BECOME.  

How many negative images have you downloaded unknowingly?

Have they unconsciously affected the decisions you have taken so far?

Are you living life on your terms?

Are you satisfied that all the decisions you have taken so far have put you on the right side of the Cashflow Quadrant?

I mean making money work for you and not you working for money

This book is not for you if you are already living life on your terms.

Do you have time freedom?
Do you have geo freedom?
Do you have financial freedom?

You Can Escape The Matrix offers a definitive guide to a New Age Success Blueprint that will give you the knowledge and ability to tap into the digital economy and start generating multiple income streams right from the comfort of your home.

Who is this book for? 

If you are in your 20s, 30s and 40s and you want to re-write the early programming from parents that leads to the trap of 9 to 5 job that keeps so many in a life prison of financial limitation. What if you are in your 50s and 60s? There is a saying that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today If you missed it 20 years ago, chances are you are already under pressure. Pressure can be a good thing…. You can use it to bounce back. For all who have failed like me…. 

Here is a second chance

The first step is resetting your mindset.

That is why this book is structured into two phases.

  • The mind reprogramming project through reading the book.
  • The Practical Parallax Effect Session ln The Video Tutorial.

In this practical session,we will recommend tested and very simple but authentic income-generating opportunities that can be used by any one to make money online.

(From my experience, most of the advertised programs are not really as simple as the copy says. For those who have fallen victims,this is a tested stupid and simple morning making system)
But l want to be transparent and warn that this is not a get-rich quick push-button system that makes you an overnight millionaire.

It requires you put in some effort and focus to get the outcome you desire.

The good thing is that essentially you are not going to be trading hours for money. You are also going to be leveraging on technology.

You will be leveraging on expertise of others.

In case you thought it was a get-rich-quick you may leave this page now.

It is most likely you will end up in the hands of scammers to learn the final lesson before you are ready.

Do You Feel You Deserve More From Life?
If Yes, The Question is…


"This book is only surmounted in wisdom by only few books like the Holy Bible. If there is only one book you should read this year, let it be this. I could hardly wait to finish reading this book to run with the ideas. No need advising you to put the ideas in this book to use. You simply can’t hold back without hating yourself."
Ken Omogbai
"Mr. Omuemu’s philosophical reconstruction of the global village concept as a motivational concept is one of the most original ideas in recent times…He is certainly an author of immense power for persuasion and inspiration. This book will jolt you out of the humdrum of mediocrity, into a life of passion and hot desire to excel. If you are content with the way your life is I’II advice you to leave the book on the book shelve, but if you want a change, open the pages. You will be opening the untapped recesses of your mind."
D.Marcus Chuxcz
Writer and Film Producer
"l read the first version of this book in 2000.The book changed my Perspectives and help me to have purpose and vision. Without exaggeration, this book is responsible for what lam today l am very sure that it will help millions of people to rise from their ashes of failure to soar to success like the mythical bird of phoenix he describes in one of the chapters of the great book. You Can Escape The Matrix is a blessing to this generations and the ones yet to come."
Babatunde Ayo
Canada Based Software Expert and mobile app developer
"Through reading this book I was able to psychoanalyze myself and realized where I was in the stations of life and the new direction to move; I took the decision to leave the Cave of Plato phase and reach for the sky. Most importantly, I came to the realization that I was the person standing on my way. The greatest gift to a man is the gift of himself. This book could be a key to discovering yourself"
Fred Ehigiator
Estate Valuer And Property Developer


If before now you thought life is meaningless and you are an insignificant entity, you are not alone in that belief. Many of thought so until they read this book.

even though concealed as fragmented pieces of a puzzle….

What if despite a seemingly chaotic world, riddled with contradictions, pains and miseries, there is a caring universe? 
If that shocks you, there is even more…

What if there exist a Success Blueprint that, even though concealed as fragmented pieces of a puzzle in different ages of human civilizations, has the power to help man to escape from the prison of limitations, if identified and correctly decoded?


You Can Escape The Matrix

Inside of this Book,
Here Are A Few of the Secrets that You'll Discover...

How To Connect from Where You Are To You Your Desired Outcome

Utilizing an ancient visualisation technique in the cave of the prehistoric man

Psycho- reprogramming with the Plato Cave Metaphor

This will help you break from from self- limiting mindset that makes you a prisoner of the mind.

Breaking You enertia and complacency with counterintuitive Atlas Metaphor

This will encourage you to start taking action,one small steps at a time.

Engagement With The Phoenix Dynamics

How to set yourself on fire and watch the world watch you burn plus how to use the ashes of failure as building blocks for Success.

The Diamond- Pressure Formula

How to use pressure as strategic tool for bouncing back to success.

Noah & The Ark Mindshift Template

The concept of building an ark in the 21st century and an empowerment technique to survive the non aquatic flood.

The Concept of The Global Village Phenomenon

How to avoid getting stuck as a local champion and make yourself a global brand.

Understanding The Concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Desires

Key to creating the critical mass for exponential momentum,growth, passion and purpose in life.

The Practical Parallax viewpoint vs The Practical Parallax Standpoint:  Science of new perception technique that help reset your mindset to see differently.You miss this you miss everything in the new age.Perception is everything. King & Queen Academy Bonus.When you pre- order now you will have a free access to The King & Queen Academy. This is coming to you as a bonus because the subtitle of the book is Read and Grow Rich. It contains:

Practicall Parallax Effect Sessions With video based on the book to help reprogram your subconscious.

Money Makers: Selected programs that will guide you to start creating different income generating systems within 30 – 90 days or less. This will help you to start attracting financial abundance.


"I have read this great book before l fully realized what it means to say something is mind- blowing. This book took me to another world of ideas and concepts every one needs to understand to succeed in this new age. Never has any book made such impact on me."
Mrs Mercy Omuemu
"This book,an Incredible Literary Hulk,is UN- PUT- DOWN- ABLE! You pick it up up to read then you can't put it defies the law of gravity."

Are you still reading?

l get it.

You want more out of life and you are ready to do what it takes.
My role is to be guide so you can leverage on my experience from massive failures and shorten your learning curve.

Within just 30 days of accessing the Kings & Queens Academy you are going to be tapping from practical experience distilled from several failures.

Kiss good bye to life of struggles

Kiss good bye to long years of trial and error.

The first assignment is to reprogramme the subconscious with empowering paradigms and concepts.

Doing all these by yourself is a hard task.

The stumbling block to all these are the years of negative programing.

What if there is a systematic way to delete these images and replace them with empowering ones to reprogram your subconscious and begin to witness transformation to create a life of success and financial freedom?

Are you currently struggling and living from paycheck to paycheck?

If you are at the mercy of unstable economy with sky-rocketing inflation that is ever rising, chances are you are running the rat race?

First the bad news:

You made the wrong choice long ago.
The good news is that the spiritual universe and the different cultures of human civilisation have images that can be downloaded into your subconscious to empower you to make new choices.

You want to find out how you can delete these negative images fast and replace them with empowering ones?

You answered YES!


You are in the right place at the right time.

The second movie l talked about is Prison Break…

What has the American TV series, Prison Break got to do with you?

Wait a minute…

When living is like hell and the struggles for daily survival has become a daily routine, that is a life sentence to prison.

Many resign to this and think there is no escape to the life sentence..

Much unlike the movie, Prison Break where, Michael Scoffied, knowing he was going to deliberately get himself incarcerated had an escape plan by tattooing on all his body the architectural plan of the prison he was going into.

In the real world we are practically born into to a life of prison.

From the day a child is born and he is struggling to connect the toes of his feet with his mouth, the struggle to make ends meet has begun.

He or she learns to crawl, then learn to stand, learns to walk, pass through teething problem etc.

In his/ her teens, it is basically to go to school or learn a skill.

All these are preparation for adulthood and the responsibilities that go with it.

Pause to take stock.

How has the journey been like?

Some of us grew into adulthood and proudly wear the golden handcuff which is the very symbol of the life of limitations. It is spelt J.O.B.

For the best of our productive lives we remained tied to a cubicle, working nine hours every day.

I am not saying a paid job is bad. It is supposed to be taken as a seed to sow for a harvest.

We mistake it for a harvest.

That is where many of us got it wrong.

When we eventually retire, we discovered that we wasted the most part of our productive life in the wrong side of the Cash flow Quadrant.

We were working for money. This was the product of mind programming from youth; to go to school and pick a job.

What if the programming had been somewhat different.

What if you had learnt in school the habit of the rich people who don’t work for money but make money work for them?

What is even worse is that millions of educated people don’t have means of livelihood.

On a global scale, 80 percent of the world population live on less than one dollar per day.

The statistics are grim. This is the prison majority of members of the global neighbourhood are born into without any hope of escape.

How can these individuals escape from this prison? The universe and human existence don’t seem to care one bit.

lt seems, mercilessly and unconcerned about human pains and suffering.

What if this is not true?

What if mother nature has carefully preserved and empowerment blueprint just like the tattoo on the body of Michael Scoffied, an escape plan, which if followed, provide a secret master strategy for every man to break out from the prison of self limitations.

Just the same way a researcher observed God’s own handwriting on the wings of different butterfies in form of alphabets A to Z, l have discovered nature’s master blueprint for any one on earth to escape from the prison of miserable existence.

How ready are you to have access to the You Can Escape The Matrix?

As l earlier said, this book is not for everyone.

Even though it can easily be read and understood by any one who can read the newspapers, every one cannot be ready at the same time.

Some will be next year, even two years time.

Some will pass over opportunity repeatedly (POOR) before they are ready. Some will be ready now.

I will only assist and guide you to help you FULFILL YOUR DESTINY  when your mind is READY.

Before we find out if you are ready to be let into the secret VAULT

How To Connect The Beginning With The Outcome You Desire

An encounter with an ancient visualization technique in the cave of prehistoric man.

Psycho- reprogramming with the Plato Cave Metaphor

This will help you let go the self-limiting ideas that make you the prisoner of your mind.

Breaking Your lnertial With Counterintuitive Atlas Metaphor

This will help you apply the law of motion to auto- propel youself to take action.

Engagement with Phoenix dynamics

How you can set yourself on fire to make the world watch you born.

This is the key to building success using the ashes of failure as building blocks,the Diamond-Pressured formula

Learn how to make good under pressure and bounce back to the top.

The 21st Century Ark Model

The digital logs of wood to build a recession proof economy in the 21st Century

Global Village Phenomenon And Concept Of Virtual Migration

How you can apply the concept of Global Village Phenomenon to make a global brand of yourself

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Desires As Tool For Generating internal combustion mechanism

This will help you to create the critical mass for exponential growth, momentum, purpose and success.

Connecting The End With The Beginning Concept How to connect the end result of fulfilled dream of success with the beginning

This will help you reset your subconscious with a combination of all the archetypal images and position yourself as the king and queen of the new age.

The Kings and Queens Academy

This is the member area where you have access to the video session for practical webinars and training courses with clearly laid out roadmap to creating additional income stream in dollars within 30 - 90 days.


If You Read You Can Escape The Matrix And Follow The Stupid Simple Steps In The King And Queens Academy And You Don’t Have Additional Income Stream Paying You Within 30 Days, I Will Refund The Amount You Paid For This Book. That Is My Iron-Clad, No Question Asked Guarantee.



If you read this book and follow the specific instructions in the specific blueprints explained in the videos provided in the member area, you will be able to start earning an additional, scalable source of income within 30 days.


After purchasing this book and within two weeks you discover that all l am saying here is all hype to lure you to part with your money all you need do is shoot me an email or Whatsapp message to ask for your refund.
All the risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose except the negative images you have downloaded into your subconscious mind that is preventing you from seeing the blueprint and master secrets for your prison break.
If l am this confident it can only mean one thing; there is something very important and fundamental l have discovered that you need to know…
l didn’t spend two decades writing ONE BOOK for you to spend two years still struggling to figure things out.
The magic lamp l made reference to in this story is in every one. The secret blueprint unveiled from the different ages of human civilisations and the unfathomable silence of the universe will help you to activate its power and bring to life all your desire for success and abundance.

More Testimonies From People That Have Read This Life-Transforming Book

"I find it extremely encouraging to know that there are still people who know that the mind matters a great deal and in its positive development and exploitation lay the foundation for success of the new age man. This book further endorses Apostle Paul’s injunction to all men: be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Zilly Aggrey
General Overseer, Royal House Of Grace International Church, Port Harcourt

There Is NO CATCH!

Finally you have a choice. To remain stuck to the negative energy of your limiting mindset, or unhinge yourself and get plugged to the empowering success blueprint for mind reprogramming for success and abundance

Did l promise allowing you to read a free chapter of You Can Escape The Matrix?

Ok..l didn’t forget that.
My word is my bond.

What you have been reading from the begining of this page to the end is taken from the
Introductory chapter

How is it for a soundbite?

If you read from the beginning to the end of this page, I want to personally congratulate you. It means you can read You Can Escape The Matrix and reset your mind to grow rich.

Tap From The Wisdom Of The Ages