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The #1 Best Selling Cutting-Edge Motivational Book Of The New Age That Has Helped People Overcome Setbacks To Achieve Success And Attract Abundance

“If your world is getting DARK and MEAN, THIS BOOK will help you switch on your MAGIC LAMP

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If finally what stands between you and success is just One Book, will you read it to the end?

New Age Book Cracks Open The Success Secrets Codes Hidden In The Vault Of A Caring Universe, You Can Use To Attract And Increase Success And Abundance Even If You Have Never Succeeded Before In Anything.

About The Author

Dear friend,

My name is Etin-osa S. Omuemu, the author of You Can Escape The Matrix and the pioneer of Practical Parallax Effect (PPE) technique of mind empowerment.

l am not a guru.

l am just a regular guy like you.

I want to show you a formula that will help you become successful in whatever you chose to do.

There is No Guaranteed That The Secrets This Book Reveals Will Not Force It To Be Withdrawn From Circulation By Those Who Prefer To See Others Trapped In The Mental Cage Of Scarcity And Limitations.

This book is Aladdin’s Magic Lamp that you can use to summon your wish-granting genie for success.

Certainly, this is one book your boss and the guardians of the matrix wish you don’t ever see to read so you remained confined in your beautiful prison.

The secrets revealed in this book are so powerfulthey will align the energy of your subconscious with the power of the universe.

It will empower your mind to have ability to create multiple income streams and a recession- proof plan within 30 days of implementing the ideas in the Practical Parallax Tutorial Session or ask for  refund.

Be prepared for a giant leap…

When on July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong stepped his foot on the lunar surface of the moon, his first spoken word from the moon was; “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

He won’t be the last to make one well directed step for a giant leap.

This is your age to make your own giant leap from this side of planet Earth.

Every 1,000 years, a new Millennium ushers in a new age to create fresh opportunities for those who are daring to make their milestones.

That is why in every millennium the universe inspires new ideas to beam light on the new age and the path to success.
The writing of this book began in 1999, on the eve of a new millennium that was ushered in by the year 2000.

From 1999 till date, it is over 20 years.
You Can Escape The Matrix is one book that has been in the making for over 20 years.

Precisely 23 years of painstaking research to decode the success blueprint.

It is a book that finally reveals the secret success blueprint that has remained hidden in the secret vault of the universe and the bowels of human civilizations.

You need to read this book of the new age to learn about the new world order and how to win the survival of the fittest game. The nuggets of wisdom comes from different ages of human civilizations

Tap From The Wisdom Of The Ages

Read A Free Chapter Before You Buy

It is for you who is hungry for success.

….and perhaps all you need is what will beam light on the path to clearly behold the path to follow.

You Can Escape The Matrix will help you discover your hidden powers to unhinge from all limitations and make that giant leap from obscurity to fame and success.

You want to unveil the success codes that have been hidden in the secret vault of the universe and human civilizations and nature?

Read You Can Escape The Matrix to unlocking your success and abundance

Here's My 'You're Crazy' Guarantee

This is not the usual run- of-the- mill motivational book that sells you hope and leave you high and dry. You have a hundred percent guarantee that the subtitle of the book Read And Grow Rich is not just a figurative expression. It is a clad- iron guarantee that you will start earning additional income stream online within 30 to 90 days of implementing the guidelines. And the income streams continues to increase as you begin to master a particular one.


"This book is only surmounted in wisdom by only few books like the Holy Bible. If there is only one book you should read this year, let it be this. I could hardly wait to finish reading this book to run with the ideas. No need advising you to put the ideas in this book to use. You simply can’t hold back without hating yourself."
Ken Omogbai
"Mr. Omuemu’s philosophical reconstruction of the global village concept as a motivational concept is one of the most original ideas in recent times…He is certainly an author of immense power for persuasion and inspiration. This book will jolt you out of the humdrum of mediocrity, into a life of passion and hot desire to excel. If you are content with the way your life is I’II advice you to leave the book on the book shelve, but if you want a change, open the pages. You will be opening the untapped recesses of your mind."
D.Marcus Chuxcz
Writer And Film Producer
“This is the greatest motivational book l have ever read. I practically had to drag myself away from the book to avoid being awake all night. I have read many motivational authors. So believe me when l say this book stands out from the pack. If you want to get your bearing and know the direction to go; if you feel stuck, this is a must-read book to put some springs in your step”
Fumilayo Adebimpe
Business Woman
"Through reading this book I was able to psychoanalyze myself and realized where I was in the stations of life and the new direction to move; I took the decision to leave the Cave of Plato phase and reach for the sky. Most importantly, I came to the realization that I was the person standing on my way. The greatest gift to a man is the gift of himself. This book could be a key to discovering yourself"
Fred Ehigiator
Estate Valuer And Property Developer
"Fresh and original with inspiring perspectives and clear roadmap to self- liberating awareness, You Can Escape the Matrix comes across as a dazzling channeled vision of empowering Cosmic ideas whose time has come for the new age. With compelling, convincing fervor and from a mountaintop vision of success, the author has downloaded for genuine seekers compelling, readable and usable thoughts to motivate them to escape the matrix of life of limitations, scarcity and stagnation. You are doing yourself a huge favour by reading this book."
A.A Solanke
AAkinsol Mindverse Consult
"To consider the fact that over twenty years was devoted to the writing of one book is mind-boggling. I am convinced the author was not motivated to write to make money...has to be he was under inspiration to pass on a message to the world."
"l read the first version of this book in 2000.The book changed my Perspectives and help me to have purpose and vision. Without exaggeration, this book is responsible for what lam today l am very sure that it will help millions of people to rise from their ashes of failure to soar to success like the mythical bird of phoenix he describes in one of the chapters of the great book. You Can Escape The Matrix is a blessing to this generations and the ones yet to come."
Babatunde Ayo
Canada Based Software Expert and mobile app developer
"After Etinosa Omuemu's motivaional book debuted in 2000,l understand the book has been going through series of updates.l can't wait to lay my hands on this final version as You Can Escape The Matrix"
Mrs lrene Omenuko
Agricpreneur And Wellness Coach

It is mind blowing…
It is inspirational

The secrets revealed in this book are so powerful, they will align the energy of your subconscious with the power of the universe.

It will empower your mind to have the ability to create multiple income streams and a recession- proof plan within 30 days of implementing the ideas in the Practical Parallax Tutorial Session or ask for  refund.

Inside of this Book,
Here Are A Few of the Secrets that You'll Discover...

How To Connect from Where You Are To You Your Desired Outcome

Utilizing an ancient visualisation technique in the cave of the prehistoric man

Psycho- reprogramming with the Plato Cave Metaphor

This will help you break from from self- limiting mindset that makes you a prisoner of the mind.

Breaking You enertia and complacency with counterintuitive Atlas Metaphor

This will encourage you to start taking action,one small steps at a time.

Engagement With The Phoenix Dynamics

How to set yourself on fire and watch the world watch you burn plus how to use the ashes of failure as building blocks for Success.

The Diamond- Pressure Formula

How to use pressure as strategic tool for bouncing back to success.

Noah & The Ark Mindshift Template

The concept of building an ark in the 21st century and an empowerment technique to survive the non aquatic flood.

The Concept of The Global Village Phenomenon

How to avoid getting stuck as a local champion and make yourself a global brand.

Understanding The Concept of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Basic Human Desires

Key to creating the critical mass for exponential momentum,growth, passion and purpose in life.

The Practical Parallax viewpoint vs The Practical Parallax Standpoint

Science of new perception technique that will help reset your mindset to see differently. You miss this you miss everything in the new age. Perception is everything. King & Queen Academy Bonus. When you order now you will have a free access to The King & Queen Academy. This is coming to you as a bonus because the subtitle of the book is Read and Grow Rich. It contains:

Practical Parallax Effect Sessions With video based on the book to help reprogram your subconscious.

Money Makers: Selected programs that will guide you to start creating different income generating systems within 30 – 90 days or less. This will help you to start attracting financial abundance.

More Testimonies From People That Have Read This Life-Transforming Book

"I find it extremely encouraging to know that there are still people who know that the mind matters a great deal and in its positive development and exploitation lay the foundation for success of the new age man. This book further endorses Apostle Paul’s injunction to all men: be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”
Zilly Aggrey
General Overseer, Royal House Of Grace International Church, Port Harcourt
"You Can Escape the Matrix took me to another world of ideas and concepts every one needs to understand to succeed in this new age. Never has any book made such impact on me”
Mrs Mercy Omuemu
Business Woman

There Is NO CATCH!

Finally you have a choice. To remain stuck to the negative energy of your limiting mindset, or unhinge yourself and get plugged to the empowering success blueprint for mind reprogramming for success and abundance


"l am a living witness to when this epic journey started in 1999...the book is finally out in 2022 with a bang.That is over twenty years of single- minded commitment to the nurturing and eventual birthing of innovative and life- transforming ideas. Brace up! You are about to be hit by empowering flood of motivational ideas with the force of a a bullet train. This book is a weapon against mediocrity and failure....the book will hold you by the scruff of the neck and hurl you out of your comfort zone of complacency to move in pursuit of your goals."
Mr Akindele Adekunle
Businessman And Public Affairs Analyst
"Line after line, paragraph after paragraph, page after page and one chapter after the other, this book holds your attention like a spellbinder and set your own body on fire with desire to keep hope alive and push on until you succeed in life. l recommend this book for every one desiring a push to dream again and wake up to make the dream come true."
Mrs Adesuwa Roland Ozakpolor
Spain- based Business Woman
"It is mind-blowing...the book has not only opened a new frontier of our understanding of the concept of a caring universe..with the revealed Secret blueprint, the power of the caring universe can be activated to help man escape the limitations of life as a prison sentence. I can only liken this book to how Albert Einstein's discovery of the law of relativity ushered in a quantum shift in our understanding of our universe. This book is a must- read for any one desiring to make a giant leap in the new age."
Mr Adetokunbo Abiola
Award-Winning Journalist
"This book offers the definitive guide to success in the new age. Every page sizzles with brilliant and practical ideas. Don't open to read at night if you don't intend keeping awake all through."
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